Don’t be afraid of Voodoo!
In the worldview of voodoo or the religion of voodoo, God, spirits and ancestors have influence on life in the “real world”, and sometimes determine the fate of an individual or an entire group. For this reason, offerings or special ceremonies are used to make gods, spirits and ancestors happy. Ancestors are also supposed to keep evil spirits away from people.



Voodoo originated in West Africa and was brought to the Caribbean by slaves and is still practiced today, especially in Haiti but also still in Benin, Ghana, Togo and other African countries.

Im Voodoo gibt es nur den einen mächtigen Gott “Bondye”, dessen Vermittler Geistwesen sind und die aus der Familie der “Loa” stammen. Mit Opfergaben oder durch spezielle Zeremonien sollen die Loa und die Ahnen wohl gestimmt werden bzw. wird um deren Hilfe und Schutz gebeten .

Voodoo Rituals

Rituals should be left to the voodoo priests and priestesses to avoid incurring the wrath of God or his spirit beings as well as the ancestors. To consider it just as a fun thing to try seems disrespectful just because of the long tradition of voodoo rituals. It doesn’t matter how you feel about this worldview.

Probably one of the most common rituals in voodoo is the Fa oracle. In this ritual, questions are asked to the loa with the help of two chains, which are equipped with a total of 16 nutshells or shells. This Fa oracle can indicate, for example, whether further ceromonies are necessary or whether a desired ritual is justified.

Another essential aspect of voodoo is the art of healing by means of herbs and herbal concoctions. The most famous mixture is probably the “zombie poison”, which causes paralysis.

Also in the focus of numerous voodoo rituals are the sacrifice of animals or their blood or the administration of alcohol and tobacco.

Who thinks of Voodoo, thinks also of dance and trance as well as the drum. These 3 aspects belong to numerous voodoo rituals.

But many people also associate voodoo dolls with voodoo. Originally, dolls were used for healing, but they can also be used to harm other people.

But officially black magic is frowned upon. Because it also spreads fear and is used for wrong things. Talismans , which are also called “Gris-gris” in Voodoo, on the other hand, are supposed to protect the Voodoosi (followers of the Voodoo religion) or also bring luck or heal.

Last but not least is the view that demons are the cause of many diseases. These are to be healed as with the exorcism by spirit conjuration.



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The most important day in the voodoo community is January 10.

The image of the voodoo religion is unfortunately often too negative. The numerous rituals of black magic have contributed to this. However, voodoo is traditionally a religious community or a worldview focused on the welfare and support of people. But as with many things that are unknown to us, the fear of the new makes it impossible or difficult to get to know it better.