In the past, the meaning of Rough Nights and knowledge about rituals and customs of the Rauhnächte were widely known. Then the special magical nights fell into oblivion a little. However, the knowledge about the nights of rest did not disappear, but was preserved and meanwhile more and more people are interested in this unique time of the year.



Moon Phases Zodiac Signs

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Essential Oils

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Everyone should think what they want about the Rauhnächte. Some think it is superstition or myth, others use the magical nights for certain rituals and customs, and still others pay close attention to what happens at this time and try to discern from it what the future (the coming year) holds for the individual or for the world.

When are Rough Nights ?

Depending on the tradition, Rough Nights begin on the night of 24-25 December at 24:00 and end on the night of 5 January on 6 January at 24:00, or they begin on the night of the winter solstice with Thomas’s Night, which is also the longest night of the year.

What makes these nights so special now?

During the Rough Nights , the 12 holy nights of the year, as the Rough Nights are also called, the doors (gates) to other worlds (demensions) are open and during this time one can get in contact with spirits, ancestors and other powers such as angels, fairies but also with demons. But it is also the time for inner contemplation (meditation) and for looking back as well as planning for the future, because after all the nights are long and the days short and the new year is just around the corner.

According to the Germanic and Celtic world view, nature spirits and other demons have the opportunity to enter our world at this time, which is why there are also numerous recommendations for the Rauhnächte, what one should not do on these days, as well as protection rituals. However, many people use the Rough Nights to positively influence the coming time with ancient rituals and customs. (I don’t want to write about black magic here, because it is too negative.



The use of incense is one of the oldest spiritual rituals of mankind.

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The candlelight also stands for the eternal light of God and the immortality of the soul.

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Spirituality and Love

Spirituality and Love are a wonderful combination that can lead to new or deeper experiences in both areas.

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The Energy of Stones

According to the esoteric world view, stones and especially gemstones possess energies and are said to have various positive properties.

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Dreams during the Rough Nights

During the Rough Nights , dreams are also of special importance, they can contain messages that can sometimes be hidden. Furthermore, everyone should be aware that dreams cannot be interpreted 1 to 1 or regarded as prophecy. Dreams are also influenced or distorted by external factors and experiences. Opening up, meditating or turning within oneself also requires practice. A dream book can help to understand dreams.

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Knowledge about rituals and customs during the Rough Nights

Some rituals and customs are easy to use and others require experience and should be left to professionals such as shamans, witches or voodoo priestesses. Rituals, spells and potions are varied and have different aims. Often the goal is to help people. There is also black magic, but we will not go into that here. Furthermore, there are rituals that have been used for ages to make people’s wishes come true.

Incense is one of the oldest spiritual rituals of mankind. Lighting incense such as resins (frankincense / myrrh), herbs (mugwort / lavender) and woods (sandalwood / oak bark) or simply incense sticks are simply part of many relaxation rituals and purification processes in the most diverse cultures and cults. And also during the Rough Nights (nights of incense), incense is one of the most well-known rituals. After all, the time of the magic nights is also the time of purification and renewal.

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Lighting a candle is much more than just a source of light. Candles are part of numerous rituals such as cleansing. Wax light also has a relaxing and calming effect. Scented candles can also enhance these calming effects. Colours play an essential role: white stands for purity, harmony and immortality, among other things. Red stands for love, sexuality and energy. Black is said to have strong energy and is used in protection rituals, among other things.

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The Rough Nights are also the time for oracles and fortune telling.

Vollmond Rauhnächte

Nevertheless, everyone can do a few things for themselves on the Rough Nights .

Withdraw for a moment and use the silence to focus the mind on what is essential. The power of silence. More info…

Meditation is also a very popular way to relax the body and mind. What helps the individual to relax is very individual. Listen to yourself and try out what helps you to relax. More info…

Incense such as resins, herbs, woods or incense blends as well as incense sticks are manifold. The aim of fumigation is to energetically cleanse the house or flat. Negative vibrations should be reduced or eliminated. Fumigating resins and herbs should also serve to cleanse the mind and body. Further information…

Concluding old things, completing projects, paying back debts or returning or reclaiming borrowed objects. End quarrels, etc. Get rid of old baggage and make room for the new.

Keep a rough Christmas diary and write down dreams or whatever is on your mind.

Ground yourself with Mother Nature and go into the forest and enjoy the special atmosphere of the woods. Or go to a beautiful place in nature, like a river or lake. Nature is good for you. More info…

Rules, Prohibitions & Protection

In some places it is advised that rules should be observed during the Rough Nights . These include, among others:

Playing cards is not advisable during the nights of incense.

Laundry should not be washed and hung up during the nights.

Gambling is forbidden at this time.

Clean the house or flat, but do not muck out, other days are more suitable for this. The flat should be tidy.

The ringing of church bells is said to drive away spirits at this time, as are fireworks on New Year’s Eve.