When the sky is starry, they can see the Earth’s satellite particularly well in the night sky. The Earth’s moon is the brightest celestial body from the Earth and sometimes shines extremely brightly. Then the moon is very close to the Earth in its orbit. So close, in fact, that it seems to reach out and touch us.

The moon takes an average of 28 days to orbit the earth, rotating on its own axis, but we always see the same side of the moon. But we see the moon in different phases.


Mystical Moon

We can see the full moon from Earth when the moon is on the opposite side of the sun. New moon means that the moon is on the side of the sun and cannot be seen from the earth. On its orbit the moon appears in different phases. Half moon and crescent moon. But the back of the moon can never be seen from Earth.

Moreover, the moon not only orbits the earth, but the earth & moon orbit the sun once in the course of a year. Furthermore, because the Moon’s orbit is elliptical, the Moon’s distance from Earth varies and the Moon sometimes appears as a super full Moon.

Mystical Moon

The moon not only influences the ebb & flow of the earth, but is also of particular importance from an astrological point of view. Thus, the position of the moon at the time of a person’s birth is said to be relevant for feelings & emotions.

Since the moon also travels through the signs of the zodiac on its orbit, the influence of the moon also changes on the respective sign of the zodiac. The so-called moon sign expresses the position of the moon at the time of birth. Among other things, the moon sign is supposed to give information about the personality of each individual.

The moon has and always had something mystical. In the past, sacrificial rituals were performed at full moon. And even today, many people draw on the support of the lunar horoscope to make important decisions.

There are also tips on which position of the moon to plant or harvest. Some people have their hair cut at full moon, as this is said to be particularly good. Still others plan their dates at full moon or new moon. Eating habits are also aligned with the moon.



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Full Moon

Moon Phases Calendar

During its orbit around the earth (about 28 days) we can see the moon in different phases (new moon / waxing moon / full moon / waning moon). However, the moon also passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac (signs of the zodiac) during these approximately 28 days

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Moon phases:

On average, the moon takes 28 days to pass through the individual phases and it is said that the moon has a special influence on the earth and people depending on the phase.

  • New moon (the moon cannot be seen from the earth)
  • waxing crescent moon (the moon appears as a crescent from the earth)
  • waxing crescent moon (the moon appears from Earth as a semicircle, with the right side illuminated)
  • full moon (the moon appears in its full glory)
  • waning crescent moon (the moon appears as a semicircle, with the left half appearing illuminated)
  • waning crescent moon (the moon appears as a crescent)

Read more about the phases of the moon and the influence of the moon on people and life on earth.

Moon Phases an Moon Influence