Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts obtained from leaves, flowers, peels or sometimes also from seeds of individual plant species. Sometimes, however, they are also produced synthetically. Essences are usually obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing.


Essential Oils

Essential oils extracted from plants are the best of a plant in concentrated form. Indulge your senses with valuable plant extracts from nature! The effects of essential oils are as varied as essential oils themselves are. Among other things, essential oils are said to have a regenerating or stimulating effect on body and mind. Synthetic fragrances, however, do not have the same effect as plant-based essential oils.

The use of essential oils is always your own responsibility and should always be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In principle, essential oils should never be used by laypersons in pure form.

Essential oils are often used as room fragrances (aromatherapy). Here, individual drops of the essential oil are vaporised by means of an oil lamp, fragrance stone or electric vaporiser. The respective scent, which reaches the brain directly via the nose (sense of smell), is said to trigger various effects there. An important factor in the application of room scenting is the dosage. Less is sometimes more.

Another possible application is to apply essential oils to the skin. Under no circumstances should the oil be applied in pure form. It is popular to mix single drops of essential oils in body lotions or also in olive oil or almond oil. Essential oils are not water-soluble, so they should only be useful as a bath additive with emugaltors such as fat, oil.

But no matter which application or which essential oil you choose, you do so on your own responsibility. Essential oils should not be confused with fragrance oils. Furthermore, essential oils should always be stored in a child-proof place. All information refers exclusively to the energetic aspects of the respective essential oil. In case of illness, always consult an expert doctor or a healer.


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Essential Oils

The most popular essential oils include extracts of eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, mint, lemon and orange. When buying essential oils, always pay attention to the quality. There are also ready-made sprays and room sprays that contain other essential oils and promise convenient application. Used in aromatherapy, essential oils are said to have very different effects, such as regenerating or stimulating the body, mind and soul.