Energetic sprays are very different and have various active ingredients. The essential components of energetic sprays include essential oils and flower essences or a combination of the two, which are usually preserved in an alcohol solution. Energetic sprays are used as room sprays or they are sprayed directly on the body of the user.


Energetic Sprays

Different sprays are said to have different effects. In most cases, the name of the spray already indicates for which application the respective spray is useful. This can be especially helpful for lay people. For example, there are energetic sprays to clean the flat, clothes or objects. Energetic protection sprays promise protection from negative energies. Still other energetic sprays are supposed to lead to changes on a subtle level and thus trigger self-healing processes, improve the well-being of the individual or even cleanse.

Sprays can be based on different essences. The most popular sprays include aura spray, chakra spray, angel spray, protection spray and many more.


Moon Phases Zodiac Signs

During its orbit around the earth (about 28 days) we can see the moon in different phases (new moon / waxing moon / full moon / waning moon). However, the moon also passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac (signs of the zodiac) during these approximately 28 days,...

Rough Nights

In the past, the meaning of Rough Nights and knowledge about rituals and customs of the Rauhnächte were widely known. Then the special magical nights fell into oblivion a little. However, the knowledge about the nights of rest did not disappear, but was preserved and...

Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts obtained from leaves, flowers, peels or sometimes also from seeds of individual plant species. Sometimes, however, they are also produced synthetically. Essences are usually obtained by steam distillation or cold...

All information refers exclusively to the energy aspects of the respective product. The application of the respective product always takes place on one’s own responsibility. Pay attention to the respective ingredients.