Earthing : A way to relax, feel more at ease and grounded with Mother Earth is offered by an excursion into nature.

Go out into nature or into the forest. Find a nice place with earthy ground and, if possible, take off your shoes and socks. If you already have a place in nature or in a forest where you feel particularly comfortable, all the better, then go there. If you visit the place where you feel good often, bring small gifts with you from time to time. Alcohol (do not drink yourself) or share your water, you will see that the energy in this place will be good for you.



Energetic places: There are also places where energies are particularly concentrated, if you know of such a place, go to it. In the different world views, for example, every tree and every stone has spiritual energy that is literally waiting to be absorbed. On the spot, focus your thoughts on your goals, which are increasingly also called Goals. Feel the ground under your feet and let the energy of Mother Earth flow. Your feet are like roots that absorb the energy of Mother Earth.


Some may smile at this point, but try it yourself. But even if you are averse to such things, everyone should have a little respect for Mother Earth and respect her. In primitive peoples, the bond with Mother Earth is even stronger. But also in the so-called civilised world there are more and more voices demanding more respect for the earth. After all, Mother Earth is the beginning of everything.



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Spend some time at your place of well-being (also called place of power) or the place you have chosen and sort out your thoughts. Meditation is also a good way to put yourself in a pleasant state to gather new strength. However, always make sure that you are physically connected to the earth, because then nature can really let its energies flow.

The connection to the earth, to Mother Nature, is an extremely important factor for the well-being of every individual. Therefore, it is advisable for everyone to go out into nature from time to time. It has now been scientifically proven that the air in forests is more dust-free than in cities. In addition, forest air also contains so-called terpenes, which are said to strengthen people’s defences.

The motto could therefore be: Get out into nature!

But always remember that mindfulness is not just a word. Therefore, pay attention to yourself as well as to your environment.

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