Happiness is much more than the absence of bad luck. Happiness is also not an illusion. Happiness is a moment in which a person consciously perceives an experience or an event as extremely positive for him or her. Happiness is also not a question of definition, but very individual.


What is happiness?

What are personal moments of happiness? For some people, it is happiness to wake up in the morning and look at their partner’s smile. Others feel happy when they start the engine of their Porsche. Still others experience feelings of happiness in nature. But no matter what happiness means to an individual, you can’t force happiness or chase it. And measuring happiness with a scale is also wrong.

Happiness is not a permanent state, happiness may only be a very special state or a moment in which negative feelings are not consciously perceived. Some also say happiness without bad luck is not possible, because without bad experiences one may not perceive happiness as happiness.

Without bad or negative feelings, one obviously cannot appreciate happiness. For only the abundance of experiences (negative / positive) allows each individual to fully feel life in its good and bad moments.

The individuality of each person as well as the most diverse experiences and adventures make it difficult and almost impossible to establish a universally valid definition of happiness.



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What is happiness?

Sometimes one speaks of luck when someone experiences something good, such as winning the lottery. But can one speak of lasting happiness in this context? Many lottery millionaires have experienced the moment of happiness, but in the long run had to experience that money alone does not make one happier.

Other moments of happiness are also only of a certain or limited duration. For example, a dinner date or a visit to the hairdresser. However, these moments of happiness can be planned. Therefore, everyone should listen to what makes them happy from time to time. What are my personal moments of happiness?

If possible, everyone should treat themselves to such moments as often as possible. However, one should bear in mind that these moments of happiness can become routine and the feeling of happiness or well-being can be reduced. One could even argue that routine and repetition become a happiness killer in the long run.

What is happiness?

Too often, thinking gets in the way of happiness. If some people have a negative experience, they ask themselves why this had to happen to me of all people. But this brooding prevents the possibility of having better experiences. Sometimes you should just accept things and not fall into melancholy.

The constant bad news on television can also make it difficult or even impossible for individuals to be happy. If there is so much suffering on earth, then I personally must not be happy, it is sometimes said. Distraction is then called for; it may not make you happy directly, but it makes the negative thoughts disappear and creates space for something new. Too much focus often causes tunnel vision and can prevent you from seeing things that make you happy because you simply don’t look to the right or left.

Happiness sometimes depends only on one’s personal assessment of events and experiences. In the case of an accident, for example, some say I was lucky that nothing worse happened, others see it as bad luck to have had this accident in the first place.

At this point, happiness is supposed to be a combination of the absence of negative thoughts and experiences and at the same time the conscious sensation of a good feeling. However, how this state is to be achieved for each individual is very individual and requires the consideration of each individual.


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Lucky Charms

Many people also rely on a lucky charm that they carry with them at all times or on important occasions. Lucky charms are very individual. Whether a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a lucky stone or a lucky pig, the choice is huge. Lucky charms are also often given as gifts.

Almost everyone knows today that endorphins can lead to small or large moments of happiness. For some, a piece of chocolate is enough to give them an endorphin rush. For others, sex is a source of endorphins, and still others experience endurance sports as the body releases endorphins and puts the individual in a state of happiness.

Search your memory and think about what has made you happy in the past. It is best to write down your thoughts. Perhaps go out into nature to focus completely on this topic. Nature also gives you the strength to make decisions.

In some cases the list of happy moments may be short, then think of what makes you unhappy or dissatisfied. Try to avoid such events and experiences. Because sometimes it makes people a little happier if they banish negative things from their lives. This can include habits, but also people or objects.

Lucky Charms


Lucky Charms

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