The power of silence. Allowing the mind (brain) to rest a little is currently a topic of conversation and is covered in many media. But it is not a new trend. Even the Romans indulged in leisure after work. The reasons and goals associated with inner contemplation are, however, very different.

Some simply want to relax after a hard day’s work, others use the silence to get the much-described clear head, to sort out thoughts or to get new ideas.


Power of Silence

The goals pursued or the reasons leading to inner contemplation and the associated retreat into silence are manifold. It has been scientifically proven that silence and contemplation have a positive effect on the regeneration of brain cells.

The constant auditory and visual flooding of the brain and perception with various stimuli leads in the long run to an overload of the consciousness. The flood of stimuli overwhelms and also costs a lot of energy, which is then lacking for other tasks.

Since each person’s perception is different, the maximum stress level is also at different heights. But no matter how high the individual’s stress tolerance is, a break from external stimuli and inner contemplation have a positive effect on almost every person.



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Power of Silence

However, silence does not mean the absolute absence of auditory stimuli (sounds). Silence rather means the conscious renunciation of communication for a certain period of time. Furthermore, in this phase of leisure, a reduction or renunciation of visual and auditory stimuli such as television, radio, computer and telephone should be aimed for. As it is often said, I let myself be sprinkled by television. For some, it may bring relaxation, but that is not comparable to inner contemplation. Because television also consumes energy and distracts from the essential.

How much silence is necessary for the individual to experience an inner retreat varies greatly. Some are also afraid of silence and of being alone with their thoughts. But there is no reason for that. Test yourself. Start with small steps. Go into the forest, but leave your mobile phone at home. Do without communication during the walk and breathe in the fresh forest air. Movement and silence are not mutually exclusive, but avoid physical exertion during the phase of inner reflection.

It is partly up to the individual to find peace of mind and inner serenity. It is proven that the power of inner contemplation and the focusing of thoughts lead to relaxation processes in the body and these lead to the strengthening of the immune system.

Which path leads to inner contemplation or just to relaxation or more serenity for the individual is very individual. Whether meditation, pilgrimage, fasting or a visit to a Shamen, everyone has to find out for themselves.

Go out into nature, because nature is good for you. But you can also experience silence and inner contemplation in the community. A few days of time-out in a monastery are also possible in the Lower Rhine region.

Alone with my thoughts



Power of Silence

It is important to be mindful of oneself, which does not mean that one has to become selfish in order to find inner peace. Attentiveness to oneself, to one’s fellow human beings and to nature helps most people to find inner serenity and strength. Listen to yourself. Intuition, also called gut feeling, needs calmness and silence, so you can focus on the essential. Once your mental and physical balance is restored, you can free yourself from your emotional rucksack.

The mind and thoughts have a great influence on personal well-being. Every person has his or her own self-healing capacity. Use these possibilities. Body, soul and mind are closely connected and influence each other. However, all stress reduces self-healing. Relaxation and meditation, on the other hand, reduce the stress hormone cortisol and thus strengthen the immune system.