Oatmeal, porridge or oatmeal are breakfast options that have been around since grandma’s time and are currently very trendy. Oatmeal soup and porridge, which are quite inexpensive, are now also offered in 5-star hotels due to increasing demand.


Oatmeal Porridge

You can make a tasty oatmeal soup from just 2 ingredients. Take a saucepan, cover the bottom with a little water and slowly add fresh milk (also oat milk or almond milk). Then heat the milk slowly but do not stir yet so that the milk does not burn. Only when you add the oat flakes, please stir and let the milk bubble up briefly. Then let the milk and oat flakes steep for a little while, but do not let them boil any more.

Ingredients: For 200ml milk (also oat milk or almond milk) I recommend 2-3 tablespoons of flowery oat flakes.
(For a thicker version of oatmeal, you need to add more oatmeal accordingly) If you like, you can sweeten the oatmeal soup with a little honey or refine it with fruit. In any case, you should use flowery oat flakes, as these combine more quickly with the milk to form a slimy soup or porridge.



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Oatmeal Porridge

Enjoy it your way

Oatmeal is the perfect base for any breakfast. You can put oatmeal together with a variety of fruits. A teaspoon of linseed oil is also a must for me. You can eat oatmeal with cow’s milk, almond milk or even goat’s milk.

Varoius of Oatmeal


Do you have allergies or intolerances? Then make sure you only use ingredients that are good for you !!!!