Nutrition the key to a more active, successful life?

The nutrition of each individual plays an essential role in the condition and development of his or her body and mind. Because it is not only the DNA (carrier of genetic information) that is responsible for the development of the respective individual. Various studies show that other factors, such as nutrition, can also influence the current and future well-being of each individual as well as their development. Nutrition Factor


Nutrition Factor

However, it is not so easy to determine which foods are recommended for the individual. Nutrition depends on many factors. The calorie consumption of each individual plays a central role, as does the basal metabolic rate and the tolerance of food.

Basically, it can be said that everyone must consume sufficient energy in the form of food in order to be able to use the performance potential of their body and mind. A sufficient supply of fluids to the body is also a very essential factor. Water (mineral water) or various types of tea (fruit teas, green tea, whereby care should be taken that the tea comes from controlled cultivation) are particularly recommended as sources of fluids.

Opinions about a diet plan often differ widely, although there are always commonalities. For me personally, it is recommended to eat energy-rich foods such as oatmeal with fruit and milk or milk alternatives (oat milk / almond milk) in the morning. At lunchtime, a nutrient-rich diet with lots of vegetables and occasionally meat or fish is a good option. In the evening, I try to eat protein-rich food and avoid carbohydrates.

The nutrition has to be designed very individually. This is because food intake is very much dependent on the individual’s daily routine and calorie consumption. Someone who comes from the night shift, for example, may not eat breakfast until the afternoon. But no matter what the daily routine looks like, the body and mind need to be supplied with vital substances, nutrients and trace elements in sufficient quantities every day. however, this does not mean that you should eat all the time. No, on the contrary, you should avoid snacks in between meals and give your body a break for a few hours so that it can process the nutrients it receives. In short, food intake must give the body and mind energy for the day and for the tasks ahead.

So what is recommended? some may ask. Even if there are exceptions, one can basically say that fruit and vegetables should be on every menu. After all, fruit and vegetables are the most important suppliers of vital substances and nutrients. (However, care should be taken to ensure that fruit and vegetables contain as few pesticides as possible. Regional products and products from organic farming are recommended). For meat and sausage products, the motto should be quality instead of quantity. Farmers from the region sell fruit and vegetables as well as meat and sausages from the region.

As you can see, the diet is very individual. However, no matter which foods the individual prefers, highly processed foods should be avoided. Furthermore, some foods and foodstuffs should also be avoided or switched to healthier alternatives. And what no one should be without is a gut feeling. Everyone should ask themselves from time to time which foods I tolerate particularly well or which foods taste good to me, but I have to put up with flatulence or other problems.



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Nutrition Factor

More and more people are trying to give up some foods. Giving up is difficult, I have experienced that myself. But after a while, the craving for sweets or soft drinks, for example, subsides on its own.

Since fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, you should avoid them or drink them as spritzers with water. Alcohol is also very high in calories. Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners should disappear from every shopping list. White rice contains hardly any valuable ingredients and should therefore be substituted (exchanged) for wholemeal rice. Diet or light products may promise to be low in calories, but they are processed products that are better avoided. Even veggie sausage is a highly processed food. The principle applies that the more processed the food, the sooner it should be avoided.

Healthy eating starts with conscious shopping. Supermarkets and discounters now offer a wide range of products, where you can find many ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet. And in many regions there are numerous farm shops that sell fresh products from the region. Because fresh from the region has the advantage of short distances.

Stay or become healthy.

We do not give recommendations, we only tell what the author himself has experienced with regard to nutrition.