How do you lose weight? Millions of people ask themselves this question every day when they look in the mirror in the morning. The reasons for wanting to lose weight are as varied as the diets advertised on the internet. But what helps individuals lose weight permanently cannot be achieved with general diet plans. Because as individual as each person is, the way to lose weight should also be adapted.


How to lose weight?

You might be expecting a complete diet plan with recipes and shopping list, but this could only be found out in a personal conversation. On the one hand, nutrition depends on numerous factors, as described above, and on the other hand, more and more people are allergic to certain foods. Therefore, only suggestions can be given here that everyone should consider when drawing up their diet plan and writing their shopping list. Furthermore, each individual should listen to himself and pay attention to what is really good for him when eating.

What or which foods are to be recommended?, some will still ask themselves. Even if there are exceptions, one can basically say that fruit and vegetables should be on every menu. Because fruit and vegetables are suppliers of vital substances and nutrients as well as dietary fibre. When buying fruit and vegetables, you should also make sure that they contain as few pesticides as possible. Regional products and products from organic farming are recommended. For meat and sausage products, the motto should be quality instead of quantity for one’s own well-being and the well-being of the animals.

Although the diet is very individual, some general points should be observed. These not only support the process of losing weight, but are also useful for the well-being of each individual.

For example, no matter which foods the individual prefers, it is advisable to avoid highly processed foods. Furthermore, some of the following foods or foodstuffs should also be avoided or switched to healthier alternatives. And what no one should be without is a gut feeling. Everybody should ask themselves from time to time which foods and drinks I tolerate particularly well or which foods taste good to me, but I have to put up with flatulence or other problems.



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How to lose weight?

Simply giving up (giving up implies something negative, but you can have a positive experience by giving up individual foods) or substituting (replacing with others) some foods already reduces the daily calorie consumption, as there are particularly many calories in many foods. Giving up is difficult, I have experienced that myself. But after a while, cravings for sweets or soft drinks, for example, subside on their own.

Fruit juices should be avoided or only drunk in moderation, as they contain a lot of sugar. Or you can drink fruit juices as a spritzer with water. Alcohol is also very high in calories. Everyone who wants to lose weight should avoid sweets, pastries and cakes. If this is only possible with pain, you should at least make sure that you eat sweets with as few calories as possible. There is certainly nothing to be said against a piece of dark chocolate, unless you are allergic to chocolate.

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners should disappear from every shopping list. White rice contains hardly any valuable ingredients and should therefore be substituted (exchanged) for wholemeal rice.

Diet or light products may promise to be low in calories, but they are processed products that are better avoided. Even veggie sausage is a highly processed food. The principle applies that the more processed the food, the sooner it should be avoided.

It is also true that conscious eating begins with shopping. Supermarkets and discounters now offer a wide range of products, where you can find many ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet. And in the Lower Rhine region there are also numerous farm shops and weekly markets that sell fresh products from the region. Because fresh from the region has the advantage of short distances. When shopping, also make sure that no superfluous foods or foodstuffs end up in the shopping basket, because what is stored in the kitchen cupboard at home makes it more difficult to do without. If possible, do not buy any of the products mentioned above, because once you have bought them, it is difficult not to eat them.

In addition to the purchase of food and foodstuffs, preparation plays an important role. The more gently a food is prepared, the higher the nutrients in the food in most cases. So take your time in preparing the food and also in eating it. You should also avoid snacks in between meals and give your body the opportunity to process the nutrients for a few hours.
In short, food intake must give the body and mind energy for the day and for the tasks ahead.

My personal nutrition plan looks like this. In the morning, energy-rich foods such as oatmeal with fruit and milk or milk alternatives are on the menu. At lunchtime, a nutrient-rich diet with lots of vegetables and occasionally meat or fish is one of the options. A homemade soup is also a must for me. In the evening, I try to eat protein-rich food and avoid carbohydrates. I try to avoid snacks in between meals and also sweets, soft drinks and other snacks. Success takes a little time, but it is long-term. And despite abstaining from numerous foods, the body gets enough energy to fulfil the tasks of the day. On the contrary, one could say that due to the renunciation and the intake of consciously selected foods and drinks, the body has more energy and many tasks of everyday life can be done more easily.

How to lose weight?

Weight loss strategies are individual!

Everyone has to find the right way for themselves and adapt their diet to their needs. Combined with conscious shopping, nothing should stand in the way of losing weight. If you have to torture yourself with a diet plan or start a diet reluctantly, you are doomed to failure. After all, eating is more than just taking in food. Eating should also be a pleasure for the palate.

Finally, the factor of exercise should be considered. No one has to do extensive sport, but exercise is good for you and also helps digestion. A walk is best in the natural surroundings of the Lower Rhine. A nice walk in the woods is good for you. What is needed is not top performance, but regular and preferably varied activities. Because what becomes routine runs the risk of becoming boring.

Have fun finding out what is good for you. Eat consciously and your body will thank you with more energy and weight loss.