People have been searching for means to prevent or delay aging for thousands of years. But no one has yet found the true fountain of youth or developed a tablet against aging. However, there are many products, advice, theses and theories that are supposed to counteract aging. A lot of things certainly have their effect, nevertheless, one must basically say that aging is inevitable, unless one dies early, and that is probably not a fulfilling solution.

But what helps against aging and do you always have to spend a fortune to look younger? My answer is no. Even with a small budget you can do good things for yourself. And some of the following applications and tips are even free. Whether and how far the individual points help, however, is not always scientifically proven and is based only on experience and tradition. In addition, people are very individual. What shows positive effects for one person, does not necessarily have to be promising for another person as well.


However, you won’t read about surgical interventions, expensive creams or pills whose effects are not scientifically proven in this article. Here you will learn rather small things, which sometimes show an effect or positive effects only after long-term compliance (application). Perseverance can lead to success, as long as it does not end in overzealousness, whereby we are at one of the most fundamental factors that accelerate or oppose aging.
Your attitude towards life (mindset, way of thinking) is crucial. With your personal attitude you ultimately influence your body and mind and consequently your age, or rather, how old you feel or are perceived to be. Often, your certified age does not match your perceived age or the impression you make on others. It varies in both directions. You should therefore make a condition analysis. Therefore, look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Also include in your analysis the perception of your friends and, preferably, of some people who do not know you. If you have found out the actual state, then think about what you would like to change or achieve. The goals are very individual, one person only wants to lose a little fat, another wants to rejuvenate all around.

Let me say at this point that lofty goals will rarely lead to success. Basically, it is also wrong to chase after the youth craze, because that exposes you to stress that will have a negative effect on you. Stress is known to be one of the biggest problems and also the most dangerous killer to which hundreds of thousands fall victim every year. Be it an illness that breaks out due to too many moments of stress, or in the worst case, death as a result of a heart attack. Therefore, reduce stress wherever you can. Where you can’t, compensate for it by relaxing or exercising. However, do not set yourself too high a goal when doing sports. Not reaching them puts you under stress. Choose small stages (goals) that you can achieve and thus benefit positively from success.

Your rejuvenation plan should also consist of small (achievable) goals, if we call it that. If you are now sure what you want to achieve or change, then still stop inside. Try to relax or take some time off. In a relaxed state you may have a different perspective and corrgier your goals once again. You should also include moments for yourself in principle and in each of your plans.

As a motto you should take to heart the saying “Be good to yourself!”.

People who take care of a good balance between their body, mind and soul are strong and prepared for the everyday tasks and also for special tasks waiting on the path of life. Thus, stress has fewer points of attack and that is good for you. Sometimes it is also helpful to retreat for a certain time in order to achieve inner contemplation in silence. Allow the mind to rest a little. Nature is also a good energizer for the mind and spirit. Correct breathing is also an important aspect that is often underestimated. Through special breathing techniques you can also support the path to inner contemplation.

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Self-realization, recognize yourself and use your potentials

Self-realization sounds very egoistic at first. But self-realization is not the pursuit of satisfying one’s own wishes and desires without regard for others. Self-realization is more about accepting your own personality and recognizing and exploiting the given potentials. In the end, you will feel better about yourself and thus certainly feel or look younger.

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Fasting, or abstaining from solid food, is an ancient means of ridding the body of excess baggage. Fasting is practiced in many different cultures. When fasting, however, weight loss is or should be in the background.

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Listen to your inner self and feed your soul

The soul is complex and nobody knows exactly in which part of the body the human soul is located. But when the soul is sick or tired, you notice it immediately.

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Nutrition the key to a more active life?

The nutrition of each individual plays an essential role in the condition and development of his body & mind. Because not only the DNA (carrier of genetic information) is responsible for the development of each individual. Various studies show that other factors such as nutrition can also influence the current and future well-being of each individual as well as their development.

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Sleep properly

Sleep is so important for body, mind and spirit. But more and more people suffer from sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty sleeping through the night or not being able to rest at all. Sleep is also very individual, for one person a few hours of sleep is enough and he/she feels fit and rested, others need more sleep to feel refreshed.

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Give yourself and your body the opportunity for self-healing (regeneration).

Self-healing is a fascinating property and never ceases to amaze. Every human being has his or her own self-healing ability. How strong this is, however, depends on numerous factors. Stress, for example, is one of the biggest saboteurs of self-healing.

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Food supplements for support

The range of nutritional supplements is huge and is constantly held before our eyes in the media. Whether in television commercials, diet reports, YouTube videos or anywhere else, numerous companies praise dietary supplements as almost indispensable for every individual.

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As you can see, there are numerous possibilities that can support you in achieving your individual goals. You have to decide for yourself which things can be useful to you, because after all, people and goals are very different. But as already mentioned, it applies to almost everyone, reduce stress wherever possible and take time for relaxation and regeneration.

Relaxation an important factor for a younger appearance

Relaxation is important factor that can contribute to the well-being of each individual. There are numerous ways to relax. One way to relax and feel better is to go out into nature. Meditation is also a very popular way to relax the body and mind.

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