Self-realization sounds very selfish at first. But self-realization is not the striving to satisfy one’s own wishes and desires without regard for others. Self-realization is more about accepting one’s own personality and recognizing and exploiting one’s given potential. Furthermore, self-actualization is giving life a purpose and direction. To focus on one’s own strengths and, if necessary, to abandon chosen paths in order to pursue new goals and paths that ultimately lead to a more fulfilling or satisfied life.


Self Realization

But in order to be able to strive for self-realisation, some basic prerequisites must be met. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, some basic human needs must first be met. These include food, water, housing, clothing and sexuality, as well as social conditions and some others. Furthermore, society must offer the possibility of free thought and action. Too often, things are taken as normal or as a matter of course. In Germany, for example, freedom of opinion. In many countries of the world this is not possible. Freedom of personal development is also an important factor that is not given everywhere. A hungry stomach does not strive for self-realisation , but to be satiated.

But how does one achieve self-realisation? An analysis of one’s own situation should be the beginning. Who am I and who do I want to be? How do I want to shape my life? These are only two questions that more and more people are asking themselves. Self-realisation is perhaps also a way to find the meaning of life. Self-realisation is, as already mentioned, not afflicted with pure egoism, because that would run counter to the basic need for social conditions and recognition. Many who strive for self-realisation often find that empathy and helpfulness are part of self-realisation. A narcissist will therefore never achieve a high degree of self-realisation.



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Self Realization

Another important factor on the path to self-realisation is a healthy diet. The Roman poet Juvenal already wrote “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. But what is healthy. Nutrition depends on many factors and is very individual. But healthy means in particular fresh ingredients and also the renunciation of industrially processed products is increasingly regarded as healthy. Furthermore, avoiding sugar is increasingly considered healthy. Read also Nutrition.

Exercise is also an important aspect that can be conducive to self-realisation. This does not mean that you have to run a marathon, but that everyone should exercise according to their level of performance (which will increase over time). But inner reflection, meditation or seeking out quiet places (in nature) are also part of self-realisation.

As with nutrition, renouncing specific things and actions can also support the path to self-realisation. Positive thinking and the avoidance of negative words are only two of the many aspects. Words once spoken become fixed in the memory of others and in our own. In the worst case, negative words can lead to blockages, loss of self-confidence or even depression. Once again, mindfulness comes into play. Another important aspect. Mindfulness of oneself and of others as well as of nature.

Speaking of nature, it is worth mentioning that nature and harmony with nature is part of the path to self-realisation. Nature can affect the well-being of human beings in many different ways. Places such as forests, mountains, lakes or river landscapes offer every individual opportunities for inner reflection or simply to let the soul dangle. Forest bathing is a new, old trend, whereby a walk in the forest is more than just an exercise routine. One takes time for the special features. Some hug trees, others take off their shoes to feel the ground. But no matter what you do in the forest, the forest is a fascinating place that deserves mindfulness.

Self Realization

Conclusion, self-realisation or the path to self-realisation is a path that cannot be achieved overnight. And perfect self-realisation is probably difficult to achieve. Self-realisation is also motivation to achieve one’s own goals.
But not all measures I take are always efficient, even if they are effective. This means, among other things, that a desired goal can be achieved in different ways. If one knows one’s own strengths and uses them in a targeted way to achieve goals, then one will probably be able to achieve these goals more quickly or with less effort, thus more efficiently.
Basically, it should be a goal to use one’s own resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. That is, to do the right thing efficiently.
For example, someone who has no talent for singing should not waste his time training his voice. Maybe he can improve his voice, but the goal of becoming a famous singer is unlikely. Maybe he has the talent for cooking, then he should use his skills in this field and become famous as a cook.

Self-realisation is also a path to self-knowledge. But self-realisation is never to be equated with ruthless egoism, such as that pursued by narcissists. Self-realisation is much more meaningful and motivating to achieve one’s own goals, whereby attentiveness to oneself, to others and to nature should always be taken into account. Once a path has been taken, it does not have to be followed to its end if, on the way to self-realisation, one realises that it does not lead to the goal or cannot be achieved with the available resources and abilities. Self-realisation is about recognising, accepting and strengthening one’s own personality. Unrealistic goals, on the other hand, only lead to frustration, which in the worst case can prevent the path to self-realisation. Be honest with yourself and find your strengths, which everyone possesses. Use them efficiently and set new goals if necessary. Satisfaction in life or a fulfilled life begins with the recognition of one’s own personality. This does not mean that every day has to be filled with as many experiences and joyful moments as possible. Moments of sadness are also part of life. Likewise, moments of silence, of inner contemplation are not wasted time, because something is happening within yourself that only you can feel.