Self-optimisation begins with the as-is analysis (status quo of one’s own person) followed by the to-be analysis, i.e. which parameters do I want to change or improve about myself? In short: Who are you? Who do you want to be? In order to fulfil your desire for improvement, there are numerous techniques, blogs and coaches available. But before you start, you should go into yourself and find out what competences, skills and qualities you have and whether you can achieve your goals with them. Furthermore, everyone should clarify the reasons for self-optimisation. And if you still have improvement wishes and optimisation plans, only then set yourself achievable goals, because nothing is more frustrating than not reaching set goals.



Self-optimisation is a trend that has more and more followers. However, in addition to improving one’s own personality in the areas of career & education, fitness, as well as health and well-being, mindfulness of oneself, one’s fellow human beings and nature should always be taken into account. Furthermore, self-optimisation should never become a burden. Many improvements are not measurable, even though the data provided by self-optimisation apps is becoming more and more detailed.

Basically, one can say that self-optimisation aims at a change in one’s own person, which should bring about an improvement. However, risks and side effects should not be disregarded. Permanent monitoring or control of one’s own parameters is often to be rejected because it can trigger stress. And stress is known to be harmful. Moreover, the Romans already knew that leisure and recreation phases up to the stage of doing nothing can be very beneficial. Especially creative people, but also all those who are looking for a solution, often get good ideas in phases of peace and quiet.



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What possibilities are there to get the best out of one’s own abilities and personal characteristics? In order to determine this more precisely, each individual must first determine in which areas he or she is striving for optimisation. Improvements in individual parameters sometimes influence different areas. For example, a healthy diet supports the performance of each individual, which can simultaneously have an effect on career & education, fitness, as well as health and well-being. Sometimes, however, giving up (cigarettes / alcohol, for example) also serves to improve personal skills. And also the discontinuation of old habits and the training of new behavioural patterns, such as good breathing, can be helpful for self-optimisation.

The main goals of self-optimisation are, among others, to increase well-being; to strive for a more fulfilling life; to be happy or happier; to become healthier; to become more successful in one’s job; to get more recognition.

To achieve these goals, there are numerous possibilities and parameters, or to put it simply, ways.

It is undisputed that a healthy nutition is one of the most important factors in getting the most out of one’s abilities and characteristics. But what is a healthy diet? Nutrition is very individual and depends on various aspects.



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Exercise is also an important factor, but not everyone has to aim directly for a marathon. Exercise adapted to the individual’s performance level is desirable here. Over time, this will improve and thus contribute to the goal of self-optimisation. Choose the right type of exercise or sport, because if you torture yourself at every training session, failure is likely

But relaxation and inner reflection should also be included in self-optimisation. Meditation is a good way to relax the body and mind. Relaxation is important because the human body is not designed to permanently deliver top performance.

Sometimes a retreat also helps. A place where you are alone with yourself and your thoughts and can enjoy the silence.

Spiritual applications, which serve to improve the well-being of the individual and, if necessary, to release blockages in the energy flow, are also among the possibilities to support self-optimisation.

Many people also rely on food supplements to improve or support individual bodily functions. Everyone should decide for themselves and, if in doubt, always ask a doctor they trust.

Digital technology such as apps and fitness bracelets now also play an important role in self-optimisation. This is because they provide numerous data that make the condition or improvement of individual bodily functions measurable. But not everything is measurable.

Good breathing can also help to achieve self-optimisation goals.

Cosmetic surgery is also one of the ways to change or improve one’s own personality. But that is often in the eye of the beholder.

Performance-enhancing substances and mood enhancers in the form of tablets and powders should not be discussed further here, as these often have to be obtained illegally, and we reject this.

But why do more and more people pursue self-optimisation? Finding happiness or being happy is a goal that some people hope to achieve by improving their own personality. But what is happiness?