Power of words : Words cannot be retrieved. Once spoken, they can become deeply embedded in the minds of others and in our own memories. Therefore, be careful what you say and how you say it!

Words, especially methaphors, evoke associations. They often have a subconscious effect, which does not diminish their impact, but rather strengthens it. For if one were to perceive these words consciously, one could recognise the intention behind some words and protect oneself from manipulation.


Power of Words

Words can be very powerful and contain or transmit a wide variety of information, messages, thoughts and feelings. Words can make people happy, cause sadness, have a hurtful effect or even be manipulative. The choice of words often depends on the personal situation of the speaker. If he is angry, full of resentment or simply in a bad mood, his choice of words differs from the choice of words he uses when he is in love, happy or in a good mood. Everyone decides for themselves how to use words. Therefore, be careful what you say! Words once spoken cannot be taken back and can have effects for days, weeks and sometimes for a lifetime.

There are also people who can talk for hours and still have said nothing. Others, on the other hand, speak only a few words and a whole group of listeners is captivated by the speaker’s words.

Words can influence, consciously and unconsciously. For example, advertising likes to use subliminal manipulation. For example, with food that tastes like grandmother’s or was made according to a traditional recipe. This works, because a large part of the population associates positive experiences with some words.

In contrast to this are taboo words that can really trigger stress. As a child, one has already experienced that the use of bad words triggers negative emotions and, if necessary, sanctions. These behavioural patterns are deeply anchored. So are words you received as a child from authority figures such as your parents, grandparents or teachers. Whether negative or positive words, they can still have an effect even on people who have long since grown up. Offensive words, among others, can have an impact on the development of self-esteem. Positive words, on the other hand, can be beneficial to the development of the personality. But words can also be used to create fear or to take away fear. As you can see, it always depends on the choice of words. Words remain in the memory and are memorised.

Sometimes words are said carelessly or out of anger or rage, but this often does not change their effect. Sometimes it is better to say nothing and wait until you have calmed down.



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Power of Words

However, communication does not only take place between two or more people, one can also communicate with oneself. The words used have an impact in both cases and, as already mentioned above, can make you happy, cause sadness, have a hurtful effect or even manipulate you.

If you want to do well, do not use phrases like “I don’t deserve this”, “Everything always goes wrong for me” or “I can’t do it anyway” when communicating with yourself. With such phrases you pull yourself into a vortex of negativity and rob yourself of motivation. Praise yourself for achieving your goals, “I did that well” or say positive words to yourself like “the blouse looks good on you, the shirt looks good on you, you look good today”. However, you should avoid the words not and no, because they have a negative effect. Remember that positive words are balm for your ego. And do it like in advertising, repetition is imprinted on the memory. You can achieve a lot with positive words. It is important to see yourself as valuable but also to act and think accordingly. Because words without action are just empty shells.

Keep it like in the birthday song by Rolf Zuckowski: “How wonderful that you were born – We would have missed you very much otherwise” Because every person is worth being loved.