Life, like flowing water, is always in motion. You meet many people in your life. Some stay only for a short time and some stay forever. But people do not meet by chance! Everything that happens in life does not happen without a reason! The reasons are very different and individual. You want to understand why? But don’t get too attached to the question why. The time will come and you will understand!


Meeting No Coincidence

People do not meet by chance!

Some people come into your life to teach you!

Others come into your life to take advantage of you!

Still others come into your life to show you your strengths!

Some people come into your life to test you.

Some come to love you!

Meetings are as varied as the people themselves are.

But no matter how long people stay with you, they all leave a mark on your soul.

Some more, some less. But every meeting changes you.

Some people you will never forget.



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Meeting No Coincidence