Meaning of life or also search for meaning! There is not just one perfect way to a fulfilled or happy life. People and their feelings and needs are so individual that it would be presumptuous to say that you have found the ideal path to happiness or fulfilment. You yourself feel and sense what suits you, try it out and if it is not the path you have chosen so far, then try another one. Take responsibility for your attitude, your emotions, your thoughts, your actions. You can get advice and try out the numerous offers that can be found on the esoteric market. Whether meditation, regression, healing stones or Reiki, listen to yourself and be mindful and find out what is personally beneficial to you.


Meaning of Life

Some may smile at this point, but no matter how one feels about esoteric applications, everyone is responsible for themselves. Most people in the western world are also lucky enough to find time to spend with themselves. In other parts of the world, this is not possible.

Health, love, family, career, success as well as money are the big issues that more or less determine the life of every individual. To achieve fulfilment and happiness and to give life a meaning, that is the most important goal for many. But besides these goals, many ask themselves the question of meaning and seek answers to the questions of why living and dying! The great religions and numerous faith communities as well as various world views give people support, but this is not always enough. Doubts make people tread new paths.

Esotericism is now fascinating more and more people. Spirituality and mindfulness are gaining in importance. The reasons for this are very different. Some are looking for self-realisation, others for spiritual growth and still others are trying to activate their self-healing powers.
If it helps the person and does not harm anyone else, I am of the opinion that everyone can do what is beneficial for their well-being. One thing should be clear to everyone, even if one has reached a state of happiness, fulfilment or contentment, this state is not eternal. The process, the path to self-fulfilment or happiness is a constant journey that can sometimes be marked by setbacks, but in the end it is your path.



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Meaning of Life

For me, nature is the best place for inner contemplation and for absorbing energetic energies. Sometimes a walk through a forest is enough. For forests are a special place. It has been scientifically proven that trees spray special substances. The so-called terpenes are said to strengthen people’s immune system. Forest bathing is becoming increasingly popular, which means walking quietly and mindfully through a forest and letting nature take its effect on you. Some people also hug trees or take a few minutes to meditate in a special place in the forest. According to various world views, grounding with Mother Nature gives strength and new energies.

Meaning of Life

Nature can influence the well-being of human beings in many different ways. Nature, which is also called Mother Earth, therefore plays an essential factor in many holistic views of the human being. In the various world views, for example, every tree and every stone possesses spiritual energy that is literally waiting to be absorbed. In an intensive forest experience, however, the focus should be on perception. Physical exertion is not desired in so-called forest bathing.

Go outside and let the forest take effect on you. The next forest area is certainly not far away. The meaning of life is perhaps the path we all have to take until we die. After that, hope remains.