Is the world coming to an end? world ending, the end of the world has often been prophesied. But it is still turning!

In the future, too, there will always be doomsday theories and prophecies. Theories, theories and speculations will circulate through the world about the end of the world. But what will really happen in the future. No one has a concrete, scientifically verifiable answer to this.


Is the world ending ?

When prophecies arise, people ask themselves what lies behind the statements of prophets, scientists, theologians and many others. They often speak of conspiracy theories, doomsday scenarios or even the assumption that humanity will face a new, better time after a catastrophic event.

What will happen in the future?

No one can predict what will really happen in the future or the very next day. But no matter what one thinks about the predictions, prophecies, speculations or theories, one thing is certain: the earth and humanity are constantly exposed to many dangers. Whether these are natural disasters, wars or man-made catastrophes is actually irrelevant, but the consequences can be dramatic. So more and more people are equipping themselves with survival kits. Some build bunkers in their gardens, and others stick to the motto “It comes as it comes, there’s nothing you can do about it anyway, and after all, everything has always gone well so far.” In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves what they do and what they believe.

Are the end times really upon humanity?

Will some of the worst prophecies really come true at some point? Or is it all just a kind of scaremongering and humbug by some self-appointed prophets? After all, prophets have been trying to predict the end of the world for ages, but so far these theories have not come true. Will things be different in the future? Will John’s Revelation be fulfilled and will the 4 Apocalyptic Horsemen spread their plagues over mankind? Or will a meteorite crash to earth and trigger huge natural disasters? Some even speak of aliens coming to earth! When one deals with the subject of the end of the world, new questions always germinate to which there is not always a rational answer.

Is the Antichrist coming to earth, or is he perhaps already here?

If so, who is behind the Antichrist? Are the terrible natural disasters of recent years perhaps only harbingers of the great showdown, the actual end of the world? What will we really experience? Will we be delivered from all evils with the return of Christ on earth, who will finally destroy the Antichrist, and will there be a new, better world? Will people’s hope for a time in paradise be fulfilled, or will the fear of the unknown future lead to further theories, speculations and prophecies? Perhaps faith will help everyone, whatever denomination they belong to! Will it be angels in the end, God’s messengers on earth, who assist humanity? Questions upon questions, to which there are actually no answers.



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Is faith the answer or perhaps the trigger of numerous theories?

Questions upon questions, to which there are actually no answers. Only faith may help one or the other to find an explanation for all the speculations and prophecies. Or is it faith that gives rise to such theories? Perhaps it is like the Rhenish saying: ET KÜTT WIE’T KÜTT. or ET HÄT NOCH IMMER JOT JEJANGE. This means as much as, it comes as it comes, there’s nothing you can do about it. But so far everything has always gone well. In short, you should have faith and enjoy life, we will find out what tomorrow brings.