Self-healing is a fascinating characteristic and never ceases to amaze. Every person has their own self-healing competence. However, the extent to which this is pronounced depends on numerous factors. Stress is one of the biggest saboteurs of self-healing. Among other things, it has a negative influence on the autonomic nervous system and on the immune system of each individual. In contrast to stress, a positively oriented consciousness can support self-healing processes. Love and personal attention are also positive aspects of any healing process.


Fascination Self-Healing

Since body and soul are finely interwoven and influence each other, the human being should be considered as a whole in every illness. Healing is also a very individual process, which can be accelerated or improved by supporting the self-healing process or is only possible in the first place.

The human body heals itself if the person offers it the right conditions and the necessary time. This does not mean that one should do without a visit to the doctor. On the contrary, because only a well-trained doctor can enable many patients through his treatment to start the respective self-healing process. In acute cases such as heart attacks or broken bones, the fastest possible medical help is always imperative. In the subsequent recovery process, self-healing again plays a decisive factor. As a simple example, let’s take a bone fracture, where the bone is put in a position by the doctor with a plaster cast or a splint, in which the bone grows together again through the self-healing process.

One’s own attentiveness to the body and mind is lost in many situations. Symptoms of an illness are often only noticed much later or the first warning signs of the body are ignored. Mostly, symptoms such as pain, fatigue or insomnia are then treated with medication without exploring the causes in more detail.

Sometimes the body’s own defence system, which fights viruses and bacteria, reacts incorrectly and so-called autoimmune diseases develop. For example, the body reacts to harmless pollen with hay fever. Food intolerances are also becoming increasingly common. In cancer, too, it is the body’s own cells that trigger the disease. There are many reasons why the immune system sometimes gets out of balance, which we will not go into here.

What is important at this point, however, is that there is an imbalance in the body and thus the self-healing process is probably disturbed or no longer as efficient. So how can you positively influence self-healing?



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Fascination Self-Healing

As already mentioned above, stress reduces or prevents self-healing. Consequently, stress-reducing behaviour has positive effects on the self-healing process. However, behavioural changes in stressful situations are difficult and some stressful situations cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, every individual can do something positive for himself. Among other things, sport or exercise can reduce stress. (Sport or exercise reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which can have a negative effect) Relaxation and meditation are also recommended. The power of thought can also protect the body of each individual. The more positive the personal attitude, the less vulnerable the individual is to negative environmental influences.

Many people also react to external influences with the wrong behavioural patterns. For example, some turn to alcohol or drugs when stressed. Others reach for sweets in excess or eat without restraint. Some also fall into work rage, while others are tormented by listlessness. All these negative factors are detrimental to the self-healing process and sometimes and in the long run promote different types of illness.

Feed your brain and soul with positive things and your body will thank you. However, change takes time. Short-term changes are not particularly successful. Continuity and one’s own will are needed. Because everything you start with reluctance does not necessarily lead to success, but in the worst case creates new moments of stress.

Some may now think that they are too old for change, but as science has proven, the brain is capable of change throughout life and can be trained specifically.

Fascination Self-Healing

But even small changes and activities can improve the personal self-healing process.

  • Reducing stress is an absolute must.
  • The power of positive thoughts can also support self-healing.
  • Conscious nutrition is also an important factor that leads to a better sense of well-being, which in turn supports the healing process.
  • Each individual’s diet plays an essential role in the state and development of their body & mind.
  • Good and sufficient sleep should be ensured, because the body and mind heal best during sleep.
  • Tackle problems not suppress them, this is the way to stop the carousel of thoughts.
  • Avoid pessimism and promote a positive attitude. More gratitude in life also supports this aspect. You broke your leg in a fall and talk about bad luck? Look on the bright side, your fall could have been even worse.
  • Give your brain and soul as many moments of happiness as possible. Happiness is very individual and not an illusion. Happiness is a moment in which a person consciously perceives an experience or an event as extremely positive for him or her.
  • More and more people also go to a so-called healer. They try to strengthen the patient’s self-healing powers with different methods.
  • Go to the forest, because the forest is good for you. The terpenes sprayed by the trees strengthen everyone’s immune system.
  • Make sure you relax in your life. Maybe try meditation. Listening to relaxing music is also positive for most people.
  • In general, it is advisable to be more attentive to one’s own body and soul. Because once the soul cries out, then usually only professional help can help.

Note: We do not give any recommendations or medical advice, we only tell here what the author himself has experienced and witnessed regarding self-healing.