Energetic Jewellery has been made from a wide variety of materials for thousands of years. The reasons why the individual wears jewellery are as varied as the jewellery variations themselves. Jewellery is sometimes just an accessory that nevertheless perfectly sets off a person. Others demonstrate their wealth by wearing jewellery. And still others express something with jewellery. One of the clearest symbols is probably the wedding ring. But jewellery is also said to have energetic properties. For example, precious stones in particular are said to have various positive properties. But jewellery made of gold is also said to possess cosmic energies. It is not for nothing that gold is a symbol of power and prosperity. Jewellery is said to have the best effect when it is worn directly on the skin.


Energetic Jewellery

The best-known gemstones (healing stones) include: Turmanlin, ruby, turquoise, opal, jade, aquamarine and of course the diamond. And already the colour of the respective gemstone is supposed to allow conclusions about its properties.

Green gemstones are said to have a calming or balancing effect. Red gemstones are said to have a stimulating effect and blue gemstones are also said to have a calming effect. The best-known healing stone is probably amethyst, which is said to purify body and mind and reduce or dissolve negative thoughts. Amber is also said to contribute to the well-being of the wearer.

But silver jewellery, which is popular all over the world, is also said to have energetic properties. Among other things, silver is said to have a calming effect. Furthermore, silver has an antibacterial effect.

The materials used in jewellery alone are said to have special energies that can be transmitted to the wearer in a spiritual sense.

Furthermore, there are also pieces of jewellery in special shapes and symbols. Among the best-known symbols are the so-called symbols of sacred geometry. These symbols are said to give people more vitality, among other things. The “flower of life”, for example, belongs to these harmonious geometric forms.

Symbols from ancient cultures are also often reproduced in jewellery, including the Celtic tree of life, the sun cross and the yin/yang symbol, to name just a few of the many symbols.


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Use the power of the moon to recharge your gems!

Energetic Jewellery

As you can see, the range of jewellery that is said to have energetic energy is huge.

Not to forget magnetic jewellery. When making magnetic jewellery, small, tiny magnets are built into the respective piece of jewellery. This magnetic jewellery is said to have calming and health-promoting effects.

The magnetic fields emitted by the jewellery or the magnets used are said to have a positive effect on the wearer. Magnetic field therapy is one of the alternative healing methods and has both critics and advocates. However, most manufacturers recommend that patients with pacemakers or other electronic implants should not wear magnetic jewellery or should first consult their doctor. The greatest influence on people, however, is the earth’s magnetic field.

Look further, because whether you believe that sJewelry can transfer energetic energy to people or not. Jewelry as a gift brings joy.