The whole world is colourful and full of colours! Colours play an important role in many areas of life. We often take them for granted, but colours have their meaning and effect. For example, in road traffic. Here, almost all warning signs are in the colour red. In advertising, too, colours are used to enhance the effect of advertising messages. For example, price reductions in shops are often designed in red or striking colours. Colours are also very important in interior design. And even when buying a car, colour often plays a greater role than, for example, the size of the tyres.


Effect of Colours

The meanings and effects of colours on people have been studied for centuries. Even though there are many similarities, there are also differences in the interpretation and perception of colours, which are partly due to experience, upbringing and beliefs. Colour perception is also closely related to personal taste and experience.

Red, blue, yellow and green are the colours of the 4 primal elements fire, water, air and earth.

In many areas, knowledge about the meaning and effect (often subconscious effect) of colours is used. This is because certain emotions can be evoked by the respective choice of colour.

In the field of marketing, colour selection is an important aspect. For example, the choice of colour is already extremely important when designing a company logo. If you want to achieve trust, blue is a good choice. If, on the other hand, you want to emphasise a company’s closeness to nature and sustainable working methods, the colour green is an option. Among other things, bright colours can be used to attract attention in print marketing. On the one hand, strong contrasts between colours can generate attention, but on the other hand, they can also lead to unwanted discomfort. As you can see, colour selection is an important issue.

In fashion, colours also play an important role. Every year, the trend colour in the fashion industry changes. Only the classics like the little black dress or the blue suit remain. A type consultation often includes a colour consultation according to which clothes are to be bought.

In the field of esotericism, the choice of colour also plays an important role. In the case of healing stones, for example, the energetic energy of the respective stones should already be recognisable from the colour. The choice of colour is also important for candle rituals. Black candles are said to have the strongest energy. White candles, on the other hand, are said to have a more neutral effect and can therefore be used for numerous rituals when in doubt.

The interpretation of colours and their effects is not based on any exact science. Like many areas of esotericism, it is based on experience and observation. Everyone may think about it as they wish. In the end, everyone decides for themselves and everyone should find out for themselves which colour has a positive or negative effect.



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Effect of Colours

Depending on the colour intensity, the respective effect of the colour changes. For example, a deep, strong red attracts more attention than a bright red. In addition, colour combinations also have very different effects. For example, black can dominate all other colours if its share is too large.

Red, the colour of fire, is associated with love, power, passion, blood but also with anger. Red is said to have a stimulating effect and to awaken new energies. Red attracts attention.

Blue, the colour of water and sky, is associated with calm and relaxation. Blue is said to have a calming and relaxing effect or also a balancing effect. Among other things, blue achieves trust and loyalty.

Green is the colour of the earth. Green is associated with nature, contentment and hope. Green is said to have a calming, relaxing but also restorative effect.

Yellow, the colour of air. Yellow is associated with the sun and warmth. Yellow is said to have a mood-lifting, positive and mentally strengthening effect.

Orange, the mixture of red and yellow, is associated with cheerfulness. Orange is said to have an uplifting, stimulating and harmonising effect.

Violet, the colour of mysticism, is a mixture of blue and red and is associated with the human spirit and the subconscious. Violet is said to have an invigorating and strengthening effect as well as a cleansing effect on the spirit.

Turquoise, the colour of the soul. Turquoise is associated with the soul, the subconscious. Turquoise is said to have a calming and liberating effect. Turquoise is also a stone that belongs to the oldest gemstones in the world, which is the reason for the colour’s name. Turquoise combines blue and green and is very rarely found in nature.

White is associated with purity, harmony and innocence. White has a neutral effect and is a good colour to combine with other colours. But too much white is not good.

Black is associated with elegance but also sadness and death. Black is said to promote concentration. Too much black is said to be depressive.

Zodiac signs during the year

Capricorn from 22 December – 20 January
Aquarius from 21 January – 19 February
Pisces from 20 February-20 March
Aries from 21 March – 20 April
Taurus from 21 April – 20 May
Gemini from 21 May – 21 June
Cancer from 22 June – 22 July
Leo from 23 July – 23 August
Virgo from 24 August – 23 September
Libra from 24 September – 23 October
Scorpio from 24 October – 22 November
Sagittarius from 23 November – 21 December

Colour of zodiac signs

Capricorn: White / Pink
Aquarius: Black / Orange
Pisces: Violet / Pink
Aries: Red / Orange
Taurus: Green / Blue
Gemini: Yellow / Orange
Cancer: White / Grey
Leo: Gold / Orange
Virgo: Grey / Blue
Libra: Green / Blue
Scorpio: Red / Black
Sagittarius: Brown / Earth tones