As is often the case with flowers, colour plays a special role. Therefore, when choosing flowers, you should take into account that flowers send a message. So it is of particular importance which type of flower and which colour you give as a gift. An all-rounder, for example, is a colourful spring bouquet, which is suitable for many occasions. Red roses, on the other hand, are considered the flowers of lovers.


Colour of Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gift for a wide variety of occasions. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing flowers.

If you are not aware of the meaning of individual flowers, ask for advice in a flower shop or choose a bouquet of different types of flowers. Furthermore, the meaning of flowers varies in different cultures.

Adapt the size of the bouquet to the occasion. Sometimes less is more!
Beware of completely red bouquets. They should only be given if love is involved. Completely white bouquets are also not suitable for every occasion.
For people you don’t know well, you should compose the bouquet from several types of flowers.
Always buy flowers fresh! You can also order flowers online, but remember there is no delivery on public holidays!
The world’s favourite cut flowers are roses and tulips. Carnations, sunflowers, orchids, lilies and many more are also popular.



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Flowers are especially given on Valentine’s Day (14 February), Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and invitations.

Colour of Flowers

As in other areas, red is also considered the colour of love in flowers.
Yellow flowers convey joy and warmth. In ancient times, yellow was also the colour of envy.
White stands for purity and fidelity but also for unfulfilled longing and death.
Blue flowers are very rare and express specialness.