The world is harsh and empathy seems to be more and more a foreign word for many. More and more people also feel alone. Especially old people, but also increasingly children. Time has become a precious commodity and more and more often everyone is looking out for themselves. However, there is nothing wrong with taking care of oneself and perhaps even striving for self-realisation, as long as one is mindful of others and nature. Be good to yourself!


Be good to yourself!

People who take care of a good balance between their body, mind and soul are strong and prepared for the everyday and also for special tasks that await them on life’s journey. This benefits not only themselves but also the community. This includes family, friends and fellow residents as well as society.

Therefore, be good to yourself. Take time for yourself. Give yourself moments of happiness, whatever they may be. For one person, a visit to a restaurant is a joyful event; for another, spending time with your partner makes you happy. You know yourself best. Listen to your inner voice. Moments of happiness or moments of well-being will in most cases have a positive effect on your mood, emotions, thoughts and actions.

Also take care of your body and eat healthy. After all, nutrition is an extremely important factor that influences body, mind and soul. A healthy diet should consist of fresh food that has not been processed industrially or only slightly. You should also avoid sugar and stimulants such as alcohol. However, there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine or beer. (Everyone has to decide for themselves what is good for them and what is not. People are very individual and if you are mindful of yourself, you will feel what is good for you and your body, mind and soul and what is not.

Also include regular exercise in your weekly schedule. You don’t have to run a marathon, but adjust the exercise to your performance level, which will surely increase over time. Exercise is versatile, so if you like cycling, get on your bike. However, if you choose a sport that you have to overcome every time, then failure is inevitable.



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Be good to yourself!

Nature is also a good source of energy for the mind and soul. The forest, for example, is a very special place. It has been scientifically proven that trees spray special substances. The so-called terpenes are said to have a positive effect on the human immune system. The salty sea air, on the other hand, is said to be good for the respiratory tract. You should therefore go out into nature regularly.

Sometimes it is also helpful to withdraw for a while in order to find inner reflection in silence. Allow the mind a little peace. Because the constant auditory and visual flooding of the brain and perception with various stimuli from TV, internet, advertising, etc. leads to overload in the long run. Meditation could also be an option for you. And as already mentioned, nature is a special place. Find a beautiful place in nature, whether by a lake, on a mountain, by the sea or in the forest, take your time and concentrate on your breathing.

Correct breathing is an important aspect that is often underestimated. Through special breathing techniques you can also support the path to inner reflection. It is partly in your own hands to find peace of mind and inner serenity. It has been proven that the power of inner contemplation and the focusing of thoughts lead to relaxation processes in the body and that these lead to the strengthening of your immune system.

Avoid stress, because stress is one of the factors that have negative effects on body, soul and spirit. The stress hormone cortisol leads to far-reaching problems in the long run. Relaxation and meditation as well as exercise, on the other hand, reduce the stress hormone cortisol and thus strengthen the immune system. Avoiding stressful situations can also be helpful. Detach yourself from your emotional rucksack and unload old behavioural patterns as well as things. Sometimes it is also necessary to stay away from people who are not good for you. Everything that blocks you or hinders your energy flows should be reduced or pushed out of your life in the long or short term. What exactly that is, you should find out for yourself through inner reflection and retrospection.

Sometimes it may have been just a few words from a person who is important to you or who has had an influence on you and who is obstructing your energy flow. But words can have great power and influence a person long after they have been spoken. Become clear about what is blocking you or which person, for whatever reason, is not good for you. Do things you have always wanted to do. But be mindful of people around you, because if you feel that you have acted too selfishly, this will have a negative effect and may cancel out any positive aspects.

Be good to yourself!

In this sense, be mindful of yourself, listen to your inner voice and live with mindfulness of others and nature. Spiritual applications or energetic treatments such as incense, aromatherapy, healing stones or candle rituals, but also movement therapies such as yoga and breathing techniques can support you on your path.