Angels have been of great importance to people since time immemorial and in many faiths.

In the past, angels were usually seen as messengers of God’s messages, but today many people see angels more as guardian angels who help people in emergency situations. If, for example, a car driver escapes a serious accident with no or only minor injuries, people are quick to say: you must have had a guardian angel. Because despite all the scientific and technical developments, modern man, who often thinks rationally, is sometimes faced with events that cannot be explained.



Time for rest, contemplation or silence seems to be few and far between in today’s fast-paced world. But more and more people are looking for places and opportunities to escape the sensory overload of everyday life for a moment or even for some time. Everywhere you can find many such oases of peace. Be it in one of the numerous churches & monasteries that invite you to contemplation, or in nature.

Do you still believe in angels ?

,or have natural science and research already brought you of your faith in a higher form of existence ?! However, it does not matter which attitude the reader has, the following explanations are not intended to convert anyone, but only to give an insight into the world, or rather into the history of angels & angelic apparitions, which is mostly closely connected with people’s faith. In some cases, however, they are also based on experiences that cannot be explained rationally.

According to the Gospel of Luke, the archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and announced the message of God to her. Further angelic apparitions follow like a red trail in the Holy Scriptures, which have one thing in common. The angels always convey a message, or instruction, from God to human beings. But sometimes God sends one of his angels as a protective companion to a person in an emergency situation or to put people on the right path, or to warn them of danger.



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The appearance of the angels

is very different. In the Bible, angels are often described as awe-inspiring, who approach people with the words, “Do not be afraid! In the course of time, however, the portrayal of angels, or the image that people have of angels, has changed greatly. This becomes very clear in religious art. Sometimes angels are depicted with wings and sometimes without. They often wear white robes that shine as purely as the best detergent advertisements could show today. Sometimes an angel is depicted with a halo, or they appear in a dazzling light.

But it does not matter in which way angels are depicted, today they have often lost their function as God’s messengers. They are more often seen as the guardian angels of human beings.

As a result, angels are sold and given away in all colours, shapes and sizes in the hope that they will accompany and protect people on their sometimes difficult paths. Even in advertising, angels are used to give a certain product a special protective character, which is also attributed to angels.

Angels in connection with the strange

But above all, when something strange happens to people or they survive a terrible situation, such as a car accident, unharmed, it can, according to the belief of many people, only be attributed to the work of an angel, whom God had sent to protect people from harm. In this case, the angel assumes his protective function, which has been attributed to him for millennia in addition to his task as a messenger. It should also be mentioned that angels, or guardian spirits, have had their place in almost all cultures in the history of mankind, although this is often suppressed in the rational world of today.

However, despite technical development and the most modern measuring instruments and methods of analysis, not every strange experience or inexplicable event can be explained logically or rationally. Should we therefore not leave a little room for faith in a world dominated by technology? This does not imply, however, that one should accept everything without questioning. What the individual wants to believe or not is, as the word faith already implies, at the discretion of each individual.