How to Lose Belly Fat? Millions of people ask themselves this question every day, and the reasons are as varied as the tips advertised on the internet. But what helps the individual to lose belly fat permanently is very individual, even if there are basic things that are universally valid. But no matter which way the individual chooses, it is always advisable to reduce abdominal fat, as the deposition of fat cells on the abdomen can have numerous negative consequences for the person concerned. Among other things, it is warned that belly fat promotes diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes.


How to Lose Belly Fat?

If you have finally decided to tackle your belly fat problem, you should be aware from the start that this process is usually a long one. The path to a flat belly is of course particularly dependent on the starting position. The greater the amount of belly fat, the more protracted the reduction process will be. Belly fat is stubborn and unhealthy. The so-called and unhealthy visceral fat sits under the abdominal muscles and attaches itself to both the intestines and other organs and also produces substances that are negative for the body, such as adipose tissue hormones. Therefore, if your abdominal circumference is far above the average measurements of 94 cm for men and 80 cm for women, a reduction is recommended. However, before starting a reduction, a doctor should be consulted to make sure that no diseases are the cause of the excessive belly fat.

Basically, it can be said that diet is an essential factor for the formation of belly fat and this should be adjusted with regard to some aspects. The calorie consumption of each person plays an important role. For people who work hard, for example, the calorie consumption is much higher than the average consumption. As a rule, women also need fewer calories than men. If you consume more calories through food and drink than your body needs, then weight gain is more than likely, and with it an increase in belly fat.

Another crucial aspect is the type of calories each individual consumes. Calories with only low nutritional values are not recommended. Although these provide plenty of calories and may fill you up, they do not provide the body with enough vital substances and nutrients that serve the well-being of each individual. Therefore, every person, whether they want to reduce belly fat or not, should consume sufficient energy in the form of beneficial foods.




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How to Lose Belly Fat?

For example, it is advisable to avoid highly processed foods, no matter which foods the individual prefers. Furthermore, some of the following foods or foodstuffs should also be avoided or switched to healthier alternatives.

Simply by giving up or substituting (replacing) certain foods, one can have a positive experience. Giving up is difficult, I have experienced that myself. But after a while, the craving for sweets or soft drinks, for example, subsides on its own.

Fruit juices should be avoided or only drunk as spritzers, as they contain a lot of sugar. Alcohol is also very high in calories. Everyone who wants to lose weight and reduce belly fat should avoid sweets, pastries and cakes. Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners should disappear from every shopping list. White rice contains hardly any valuable ingredients and should therefore be substituted (exchanged) for wholemeal rice. Empty foods (foods with few nutrients) often only fill you up for a short time and the emerging feeling of hunger tempts you to snack in between.

Diet or light products promise to be low in calories, but they are processed products that are better avoided. Even veggie sausage is a highly processed food. One should follow the principle: The more processed a food is, the sooner it should be avoided.

It is also true that conscious eating begins with shopping. When shopping, make sure, among other things, that mainly healthy foods and no superfluous foods end up in the shopping basket. In addition to the purchase of food and foodstuffs, the preparation plays an essential role. The more gently a food has been prepared, the higher its nutrient content usually is. You should also avoid snacks in between meals and give your body the opportunity to process the nutrients for a few hours.

In short, the intake of food must give the body and mind sufficient energy for the upcoming tasks of the day.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

My personal nutrition plan in short: In the morning, energy-rich foods such as oatmeal with fruit and milk or milk alternatives are on the menu. Fatty baked goods such as croissants, bread rolls or cheese rolls (even if they are delicious, you should avoid them). At lunchtime, a nutrient-rich diet with lots of vegetables and occasionally meat or fish is one of my options. A homemade soup is also a must for me. In the evening (last meal 6-7 p.m.) I try to eat protein-rich food and avoid carbohydrates like bread. I try to avoid snacks in between meals and also sweets, soft drinks and other snacks. Success takes a little time, but it is long-term. And despite abstaining from some foods and consuming consciously selected foods and drinks, in the long run the body gets more energy to do everyday tasks.

Everyone has to find the right way for themselves and adapt their diet to their needs. Combined with conscious shopping and regular exercise, nothing should stand in the way of reducing belly fat. Those who have to torture themselves through a diet plan or start a diet reluctantly are doomed to failure. After all, eating is more than just taking in food.

Another important factor is stress reduction, with a little relaxation you help your body to reduce the release of cortisol, which also contributes to an improved well-being. A walk, preferably in the nature of the Lower Rhine or a walk in the woods, is good for the individual’s well-being. What is needed is not top performance, but regular and preferably varied activities.

I am currently testing an EMS ab trainer that is supposed to build more muscles. It sounds tempting what the manufacturers promise: electrical impulses are supposed to help tone the body and abdomen. However, electrical stimulation cannot replace a walk in the woods and can also be dangerous if overused. If in doubt, you should always ask your doctor or a physiotherapist.

The so-called abdominal belt is strapped around the abdomen and the appropriate programme and intensity are set individually. The electrical impulses stimulate the muscles. However, the abdominal trainer is no substitute for regular exercise.

EMS Bauchtrainer

And without an adjustment of the eating habits towards a healthy and conscious diet in combination with a renunciation of foods that are negative for the body, success will not be achieved in the long run.

In conclusion, a healthy diet and the associated avoidance of foods that are negative for the body, as well as regular exercise and the reduction of stress, will help to reduce belly fat in the long term. Only a combination of these factors will lead to success, even if this will only become apparent after some time.