People can breathe consciously and thus control their breathing. He can breathe slowly or quickly, deeply or superficially. Breathing is actually quite simple, but correct breathing needs to be learned. It is not for nothing that singers or martial artists do special breathing exercises with which they learn to control their breathing consciously. Breathing is also an essential factor in tantra or meditation.



Breathing is a fully automated action that the body seems to do on its own, adapting breathing to the situation as necessary. For example, breathing automatically becomes faster during activities, sports or stressful situations. This happens more or less subconsciously, but people have the possibility to train their breathing so that they can benefit from deep breathing. Good” breathing supplies the blood and thus the organs with more oxygen.
Breathing also influences emotions or, conversely, emotions affect breathing. This is easy to see in stressful situations. Breathing can therefore also influence moods.

But what is good breathing now? As they say so often: Take a deep breath! The deeper and more intensively you inhale, the more oxygen enters the blood. But you also have to breathe out consciously so that the CO2 can be removed. In addition, you should breathe in through your nose.



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Abdominal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing is also a relaxation exercise and an important factor for meditation or yoga. Basically, one can perhaps say that the exhalation should last longer than the inhalation. For example, inhale for four seconds, exhale for seven seconds and repeat this 11 times, which has earned the exercise the name 4711. In addition, one should inhale through the nose. Another exercise comes from yoga and is called bhramarin, where you exhale through closed lips to create a kind of humming.
Regular breathing training helps to improve breathing and to use the effects of good breathing. This includes consciously inhaling and exhaling, but also feeling the pause in breathing.

The following things are also helpful: Make sure your posture is upright. A short walk in the fresh air helps to concentrate on breathing.



Note: we do not give medical advice, only experiences